Full product capability, free virtual machine execution and integration help.

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Unlimited tests, dedicated support and unlimited CI test execution
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Source Code and Support for 1 Year
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  • Framework Source Code
  • Documentation Source Code
  • Source Code Getting Started Guide
  • 6000+ Framework Tests
  • Royalty-free EULA
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  • 50 Support Tickets, 48h Response

Additional Tickets

If the included tickets in your Business or Enterprise editions are not enough, you can order a pack of 5 additional tickets.


Additional Integration Consultancy

If the integration consultancy that is included in your Business or Enterprise editions is not enough, we offer 5 hours of remote web assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Full Features Capability

Floating License

You can easily transfer one Bellatrix license from one computer to another.

Meissa Test Runner

Meissa is an open source distributed tests runner. It is completely cross-platform. It can run automated tests distributed and in parallel on multiple machines. It provides tons of other features such as smart balancing of tests across remote machines, retrying failing tests, passing data from runner to tests, custom plug-ins and much more. As all of our products it has a rich documentation.

Community vs Dedicated Support

For the community support option you can ask question in theforum. Someone from our community will answer to you. If you have a license including a dedicated support, you can contact our support team here. There are 4 hours of support for integration help.

Usage Limitations

You can use all features of Bellatrix for free for unlimited time. This is not going to change in the future. The only limitation that we put is the number of tests you can execute on a single machine. If you use the free version of the framework, you can have up to 100 tests. For all other licenses, you can have and run an unlimited number of tests.

4 Hours Free Integration Consultancy

The integration consultancy is another kind of support that is included in the Business and Enterprise editions on top of the ticket support. The main difference between tickets and the integration consultancy is that the later focus is broader, mainly outside of the framework functionality specifics- all questions related to the company's processes, infrastructure, CI, environments, etc. Since those questions are affecting the framework results, we are willing to help. For example, we can help you to define: How to integrate BELLATRIX in CI or speed up tests with parallel test execution in your infrastructure specifics.

Additional Tickets

You can order 5 additional tickets pack, Business or Enterprise license is required. The additional tickets will be associated with your existing account. Find our technical support agreement here.

Additional Integration Consultancy

You can order additional integration consultancy, Business or Enterprise license is required. The additional integration consultancy will be associated with your existing account. Find our technical support agreement here.

Unlimited CI Test Execution

Execute unlimited tests on physical or virtual machines, in addition to the developer machine that is included in our Business and Enterprise licenses for free.