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Web Load Testing

2 min video presenting a test simulation of how an application behaves when multiple users access it simultaneously.


Load testing is a kind of performance testing which determines a system’s performance under real-life load conditions.


In this video, I will explain what the web load testing is and how you can do it with Bellatrix modules.
Web testing is a kind of testing that determines a system’s performance under real-life load conditions. It helps to determine how the application behaves when multiple clients use it simultaneously. Bellatrix gives you such a library that can reuse your existing Bellatrix web tests.

A big problem of most load testing solutions is that your test gets outdated quite fast with each small update of your website. The usual fix is to rewrite all existing tests. To solve this problem, we’ve integrated some of Bellatrix’s most powerful features so that each time your web tests are executed, they will update your load test as well.

To mark a web test, a very useful load testing, you only need to mark it with the load test attribute and turn on the web request recording. After this is recorded as a load test as it can be used in the load test project. The library offers various configurations such as the number of execution processes, the total number of executions, filters for filtering some requests specifying what type of assertion to be made, and so on.

You can change how the engine balances your test scenarios; it can execute them equal times or run a sum of them more often. After the load test is executed, the tool generates an informative HTML report. Through the various routes, you can analyze what happened in the test, locate the slowest web request, or the ones with errors. Moreover, you can compare the different test scenarios.

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